Serving the real estate development industry

Serving the real estate development industry

Developing commercial real estate is a challenging business industry. Real estate developers need to have deep knowledge in legislation, master project management, investment and managerial finance, negotiations. Nevertheless, constructions is not considered a part of real estate, in most cases industry players are often involved in both or at least have close partnering relations.

Commercial real estate development have several main business areas, where each one has its own peculiarities in running business:

  • developing office buildings.
  • developing industrial buildings.
  • developing retail centers and catering premises.
  • developing multifamily apartment blocks.
  • land development and other miscellaneous.

Efficient centralized enterprise resource planning system allow to orchestrate communications, documentation, resources, finances and operations among different actors, from customers, authorities, contractors, suppliers to own team.

Esperonus is well familiar with industrial requirements of real estate and construction business areas and has developed advanced solutions that may be implemented in your organizations.

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